Handmade Baby Clothes

At the Gift Fair, we don’t just make baby clothes; we make the garments in which they explore this wonderful world of ours. Each one of our numerous styles is handcrafted to be seam-free, light-weight, and easy to move in, so your baby can continue to amaze you.  
Our vintage baby dresses are more than just clothes; they are a part of precious memories. The first time your baby smiled, their first steps, their first word; our vintage baby clothes are a part of it all. The durable knitwear makes these baby garments the ideal keepsakes as they grow older. We are honoured to be a part of your family’s story, and this is not something we take lightly. All of our baby clothes are handmade; each stitch lovingly placed by the Gift Fair family.

Hand knitting

Vintage Christening Gowns

We are delighted to announce that the Gift Fair now handcrafts vintage baptism gowns. We will create a comfortable vintage gown for your baby girl or boy to look their best on their special day. Our seamless baby gowns are made to the highest quality so they can be cherished as precious memories or passed down to future generations as family heirlooms. Your baby will be comfortable all day with the seam-free, loose-fitting vintage christening gown. They are made from natural materials and are guaranteed to be itch-free. All our baby garments can be washed and do not need ironing.

While handmaking beautiful vintage baptism gowns is more time consuming than using machines, we enjoy it because it gives us more control over the final product and is a labour of love for our customers. By working on your gowns by hand, the Gift Fair family can ensure your baby’s baptism gown is of the highest quality. Our garments are made in a strictly non-smoking room to ensure the safety of your precious baby.


The Highest Quality Handmade Baby Items

We have a range of high-quality baby items that are timeless and eco-friendly. We stock numerous hand-crocheted toys suitable for infants, as well as seamless baby dresses and chunky baby knits. We use light-weight and itch-free yarn because the comfort of your baby is our highest priority. Your baby is growing and moving more each day; pick seamless baby garments that support their development.

With each of our vintage baby clothes being specially made, we have the flexibility to combine materials to make comfortable and beautiful baby goods. We use yarn predominately as it is more breathable than other fabrics and offers flexibility to move and grow a little with them. Our garments are one of a kind, with new designs and styles being added every day so you can find something that matches your baby’s personality. They are perfect for photoshoots, special occasions, christenings, or vacations. Our vintage baby clothes will last so you can pass them on to friends or future generations.

Buy the Perfect Gift For Your Little Angel

All Gift Fair garments are lovingly packaged in a branded gift box. Your child deserves the joy of opening a beautiful box to find a special, handcrafted gift. It is a special moment to see the excitement and wonder on their little faces.
From our family to yours, we cannot wait to play a part in creating a beautiful memory.

With Love,

The Gift Fair

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